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Warm Air Blower

Product description

Product Brief

It is mainly used in the heater. The temperature of the controller can be adjusted and the mode can be set. It has the functions of over temperature protection and dumping protection. Through the intelligent program algorithm, the environment temperature is accurately controlled at the target temperature, so as to ensure that the use environment is in a safe and comfortable temperature range.

Function introduction

Intelligent human-computer interaction, capacitive touch button; LED digital tube display. There are four common heating modes, each mode has different heating elements, and the heating elements continue to work until the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature.

Eco mode: the controller can automatically adjust the heating power to reach the set temperature, so as to achieve a role of energy saving and environmental protection.

Defrost mode: in this mode, when the room temperature is lower than a certain low temperature (7 ℃), the machine will automatically turn on the heating function until it is higher than the minimum temperature.

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